måndag 5 augusti 2019

Starting over again...!

fredag 5 juli 2019

tisdag 25 juni 2019

It´s truly an honor to be selected as a member of GPCCs Person Council for Patients an Relatives/Carers! I look forward to my first board meeting with eminent group of people!

About The Gothenburg University Centre for Person-centred Care (GPCC) "The University of Gothenburg and Sahlgrenska University Hospital have a strong tradition of clinical research. GPCC is a research centre conducting clinical and applied research. GPCC was established in 2010, with support from the Swedish government's strategic investment in health and care research. The overarching objective is to support and carry out high quality research relating to person-centred care. This research aims to enhance knowledge surrounding how long term illness is experienced and handled by the individual, as well as to implement and evaluate person-centred care in practice. In 2017, the Swedish government extended the centre’s commission for an additional five years." Text and image Retweeted from: https://gpcc.gu.se/english/about-gpcc/?languageId=100001&disableRedirect=true&returnUrl=http%3A%2F%2Fgpcc.gu.se%2Fom-gpcc%2F 2019-06-25

torsdag 13 juni 2019

Grand opening ceremony and the official opening of Ryggmärgs-skadecentrum Göteborg, with Madeleine Olsson Eriksson chairman of Sten A Olssons stiftelse who generously funded the center. Ribbon-cutting by governor Anders Danielsson (Landshövding Västra Götalands län) as well as Professor Agneta Holmäng from Sahlgrenska Academy at University of Gothenburg. Background logo by Pamela Lindgren. And Ryggmärgsskadecentrum Göteborg Board of Directors, such a knowledgeable group! Looking forward to learn more about this new center and their research disciplines!

måndag 27 maj 2019

Pamela Lindgren PhD student and Wendy A. Rogers, Ph.D. Khan Professor of Applied Health Sciences discussing and sharing knowledge at IAGG-ER Conference 2019 in Gothenburg, Sweden.  

Thanks for arranging IAGG-ER, several days of interesting and inspiring meetings! Lots of stimulating seminars and keynote speakers, we mingled and had several opportunities to talk and plan for future collaborations.

lördag 23 mars 2019

These two expert carpenters at Götebors möbel & marinsnickeri did an awesome work and under a tight time schedule! Professional and skilled work, very happy with the hidden reinforcement to secure weight load. We are very happy with the result! The “Golden stairs” are now in use, at the Kliniskt Lärandecentum på Högskolan Väst.

torsdag 28 februari 2019

Opening ceremony of Kliniska lärandecentrum (KLC) (clinical center for learning "freely translated") at Högskolan Väst. The  center has taken a new approach where norm criticism and drama pedagogy by Susanna Höglund Arveklev will constitute innovative pedagogical tools. Specific design artefact by Pamela Lindgren and art work in shape of photography by Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin is included in the environment to probe or lead visitors, students and staff to reflect about norms.

The ceremony was inaugurated by Vice-Chancellor Professor Martin Hellström and Professor ElisabethDahlborg leading the work together with Assistant Professor Ina Berndtsson

The golden stairs - symbolizes a metaphor for magic and glimpse of other worlds and other perspectives of looking at reality. Design by Pamela Lindgren