tisdag 2 mars 2010

Lowpixel-images collection Sofa table
Laser-cut sheet metal, glossy white lacquer.
Design Pamela Lindgren,
produced by Verardo © 2007 

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Collection Lowpixel-Images: bench, sofa table, divider, image
Today's hi-tech level of living with its distinctive high-resolution images and manipulated nature made me think of the mythic idea of the far East in the 18th Century, the lacquer work, the chino series and disciplined nature as in a bonsai tree. My approach is to use today's techniques and reduce them to something that recalls old craft techniques and methods, combined with today's techniques. By reducing the resolution of the images they become abstract, shapes and contrasts give the images the appearance of a pattern. I have used the pattern and turned it into a digital drawing, which has been programmed into a machine that cuts out the images. In this way, the low resolution images leave a long lasting fingerprint of their appearance, a time document of today.-Pamela Lindgren