tisdag 20 april 2010

 Pamela Lindgren Design is involved in collaboration with Neuro sciences, Musicians, Smart textiles sciences in a project about enriched environment.

  “How can knowledge from basic research about effects of enriched environments on the healing of the brain lead to improved rehabilitation environments through explorative design methodology?”  

Basic research shows that the brains capacity to recover is significantly improved by physical activity, multi-sensory stimulation, an enriched environment and appropriate food. Clinical observations suggest that aesthetic and emotional stimulation may be equally important. Designers, architects and specialists from Högsbo Medical Rehabilitation Unit have therefore launched an interdisciplinary project aiming to re-design the rehabilitation environment at Neuro Högsbo, in a collaboration between Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Sahlgrenska Academy, and School of Design and Crafts, Gothenburg University

The experimental Design with Care project is continually documented and evaluated with parallel methods to gain a better understanding of the role of the designed environment. The design strategy implies a conscious and methodical approach to create attractive environments and products, true care for human wellbeing, participation and access. The project explores new forms of cooperation between design, architecture, art and medical science; forms that hopefully can produce leaps in our development of knowledge. The project is explorative and the design work is based on both scientific research and artistic experiments.  

The goal is to create an improved environment for neurologic rehabilitation and gain better knowledge about how environment and products affect wellbeing and the recovery of functions of a person who tries to restore his/her life after a brain damage.