måndag 21 oktober 2013

Photo and design Pamela Lindgren 2013 ©.

Pamela Lindgren’s glass art in the form of kidneys will shortly be available via the Swedish Kidney Association. The glass kidneys were designed by Pamela Lindgren for the exhibition A Life Project – Recycle Me at Designgalleriet in Stockholm in March 2013. The collection, entitled YOU&ME, will be on sale via the Swedish Kidney Association. Watch out for more information coming soon!

"The great gift life, the care for each other is what it's all about. In the design of the glass kidneys I was inspired by the human kidney's natural shape and size, I have used this shape and transformed it into two glass kidneys. The idea is that the giver or receiver of a glass kidney can put their own words, names or images under the clear glass, like a memory, or a symbol." - Pamela Lindgren