lördag 22 augusti 2015

Clearly this month's highlights!! Thank you very much for the invitation IntersectionPoint!

Groundbreaking ideas, real initiatives, new insights and global connections by applying and intersecting the concepts from Social Business, The Blue Economy and The Medici Effect:

Professor Muhammad Yunus, Dhaka Nobel Peace Prize laureate, author of Social Business.

Professor Gunter Pauli, Cape Town Environmental entrepreneur, author of The Blue Economy.

Frans Johansson, New York Innovation thought leader, author of The Medici Effect.

Musican Magnus Rosén Cultural Director IntersectionPoint and world famos Swedish musician!

IntersectionPoint- World Innovation Challenge.
"This is an event where people from all walks of life and backgrounds such as: artists, corporate CEOs, students, musicians, scientists, scholars, young and old meet to exchange ideas, learn and interact in the extraordinary setting of Carlsten fortress on the island of Marstrand on the Swedish west coast."