tisdag 14 november 2017

Are any decisions truly autonomous? Perhaps autonomy can only be achieved when everyone has equal access to information. Explainartist is an exciting new web platform that connects researchers with artists in order to #shareknowledgecreatively. These collaborations generate stimulating multimedia that improve public engagement with research by deconstructing technical ideas and opening them up for wider discussion. I am The Ocean is a multi-sensory, interactive exhibit exploring the human impact on marine ecosystems. It is the product of a creative “lock-in” exercise, where University of Gothenburg marine biologist Sam Dupont, joined forces with artists Pamela Lindgren (product deign), Carolina Poelk (user interface design), Francis Löfvenholm (photography) and Ajibola Omokanye (spoken word/illustration) to identify creative ways to make his research accessible.

#explainartist #iamtheocean

Free entrance!

Full program: http://ahafestival.se/