tisdag 2 mars 2010

Design Pamela Lindgren © 2004
Movetto px4 is a mobile driver's seat, which meets the transport needs of disabled people. It can be defined as a hybrid between a manual- and an electric wheelchair. In the work on this hybrid, I have considered the primary functions of an electric wheelchair: the raising, lowering and angling of the seat. Over and above these common functions, Movetto can be used as a passenger- seat or as a driver's seat in a specially adapted car. Movetto offers a low seat level, which optimizes the wheelchair user person's position in relation to the car's construction. The wheelchair's total weight is 80 kg, which is the equivalent of half the weight of today's electric wheelchairs. Movetto has front-wheel drive, and is steered via the back wheel. This construction is advantageous for both the turning radius and the precision steering. The wheelchair turns on its own axel which means that the turning radius is zero. Larger tyres and greater height above the ground also improve the wheelchair's capacity for accessibility and it's ability to clear obstacles.

In working on finding the right character, feel and design-language, I have been inspired by the technology, construction and functions of this new electric wheelchair.

The work was appointed to one of the 15 best Nordic Master's work in 2004 by the magazine Forum. Movetto was also selected to participate in the Queen Symposium of Engineering Sciences IVA as a birthday gift to Her Majesty Queen Silvia, read more here and here.http://www.flexenita.se/pdf/broschyr_tillganglighet_kk.pdf
The work was also featured in an interview on Swedish Radio SR